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New Today Please Read!!!

Solitary Snipers NEW IP port 17479
TeamSpeak3 - For password- ask a member

WOLFFE'S ShockNAwe server - IP Port 17479

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How to Install ShockNAwe

On a 32 bit system - Double-left-click the ShockNawe.exe program you downloaded or saved. Get on Internet from or your favorite spot. Follow the prompts, The DFBHD.exe is at "C:Program FilesNovaLogicDelta Force Black Hawk Downdfbhd.exe" After install, close the ShockNawe program and add the ShockNAwe server ip and port to your BHDPinger. Restart game and login to that MultiPlayer server. ShockNAwe MOD will NOT work except in a ShockNAwe server.

on 64 bit system - Double-left-click the ShockNawe.exe program you downloaded or saved. the correct folder is "C:Program Files (x86)NovaLogicDelta Force Black Hawk Down" - THERE IS a SPACE between Program Files & (x86) - The DFBHD.exe is at "C:Program Files (x86)NovaLogicDelta Force Black Hawk Downdfbhd.exe"
After the install you will see 5 new icons on your desktop. The Shocknawe MED for making maps, the Shocknawe and 3 other text files, I delete the text files. The Icons have the wrong path in them so ''right-click and select ''properties'' look in the ''Target'' and ''Start In'' box, both need the space (x86) added after Program Files. Then click ''Change Icon'', browse to ''C:Program Files (x86)NovaLogicDelta Force Black Hawk Down and pick the ''shock.icon'', click ok.
The MED icon needs changed to if you''re going to make maps, if not delete it.

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